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Dr. Mitesh

A Note from Dr. Mitesh


Aloha and welcome. My dedication to the field of Naturopathy and natural health & healing started when I was a very young boy. My earliest memories of my budding interest in this field go back to age 3 in India. I clearly remember intently watching my father, Dr Premchand, as he was helping and healing patients in his small 10-bed hospital.


Later I learned he was treating them using the ancient traditions of Naturopathy and the overarching instruments of classical Yoga. Following in the Naturopapathic footsteps of my father came naturally and has become my life work and joy. Teaching and helping others be and stay well is a privilege.


My highly trained staff and I sincerely look forward to meeting you at a future retreat. Please email me any questions you have and we will reply to you promptly.


Dr. Mitesh Banthia & Staff

Dr. Mitesh at Holistic Healing Vacations


Helping to alleviate suffering

 from hard-to-cure illness

Teaching Yogic and Naturopathic tools to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Deepening knowledge of the natural health sciences to new and adept yoga teachers

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