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  • Our retreats are available in Virgin Gorda - BVI, Kailua Kona - Hawaii and all over India throughout the year. To avail our sessions anywhere else in the world, please reach out to us by filling the "Contact Us" form
  • All the treatments are done by exceptionally experienced, licensed(India) and qualified doctors.
  • One doctor works only with a team of two individuals.


Why a Retreat?


Dr. Mitesh Banthia BNYS and his team comprised of India-licensed doctors hail from various fields like Yoga and Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, etc., and are very passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of Health and Wellness.


When dreaming about setting up these retreats, they asked these questions of themselves:


"Who wants to be happier?"

"Who wants to be healthier?” 


The answer was the same - "Everyone!”

From there, their mission was born: 

"To raise the world’s quotient of peace and love, health and happiness, through Yoga and Indian Naturopathy. Our team’s intention is to leave whoever comes across us, whether for an hour or a month, that we leave them with increased level of overall well-being.


Life is to enjoy, be happy and with peace within and then to procreate in order to perpetuate this over and over ….

We need to be filled with love, love ourself, then love one another.

Just like you can’t give a dollar to anyone unless you have a dollar in your pocket, similarly, unless until you have peace, happiness and love within yourself, you can give ( share) them to others.

Health is given, diseases are acquired.

Love is given, hatred is acquired.

Lets discard all that keeps us away from Peace, Happiness and  Health.

To raise the world’s quotient of peace and love, health and happiness, let's start with one person at a time, ourself!"



Everything from a full one-day yoga retreat to 

14-days of yoga asanas, breathing, cleansing kriyas, various types of meditation, chanting, and yoga sutra philosophy classes. Customized for both individuals and groups.



Individualized 14-day retreat including food and diet therapies, acupuncture, massage, and more per your goals and needs.


Yoga" Retreats Solely for Yoga Teachers

Designed for those who want to learn the more holistic teachings of yoga - a 15 day and 21 day retreats covering treatments and disease conditions and their treatments through Yoga Therapy.

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