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Dr. Mitesh's Bio

Dr. Mitesh Banthia was born in the cultural capital of India, Chennai, in 1975. His late father, Dr. Premchand Banthia, was highly learned in Yoga and the Nature Cure sciences. He was a steadfast adherent to the Naturopathic traditions propounded by the Father of Indian Naturopathy, Dr. Laxman Sharma. Dr. Premchand established and ran a 10-bed hospital along the seashore of Chennai, India in the late 70’s and 80’s where he was ably assisted by his wife Kamala. At one point, he had the unusual opportunity of studying with Dr. Ann Wigmore (the Naturopath who made Wheat Grass Juice famous all over the world) for a month when she was in India conducting a retreat. 


Dr. Premchand and his wife Kamala bore 7 children. Mitesh and his brothers and sisters grew up totally engulfed in a world of health care created by his parents. Mitesh's father guided his children to take daily beach walks as part of their yoga-oriented upbringing and were instructed by their father in classical yoga knowledge and practices. Intently watching his father treat patients, witnessing and studying Nature Cure techniques and practicing yoga daily all melded together and laid a solid foundation for Mitesh’s future as a Yoga/Naturopathy practitioner.


Mitesh’s father’s patients suffered from many different illnesses, but especially terminal conditions that doctors from other systems had concluded were incurable. It was not unusual for a patient or his/her family members to approach Dr. Premcahand confiding, “We have come here as a last resort, since all other doctors have given up. We have come here to try Nature Cure. It is OK if the outcome is death because we are already prepared for this.” Dr. Premchand had amazing success in reversing many seemingly terminally ill cases. He insists this was because he employed Naturopathic remedies proven over centuries. 


Mitesh’s older 3 siblings pursued standard schooling as well as special education in Naturopathy a long distance from home. On the other hand, Mitesh stayed at home, also attending school, but helping his father at his small hospital. Gradually, bean began assisting his father with his practice, attending to the needs of patients. Mitesh eventually enrolled in the respected SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences in Ujire, Karnataka, near the temple town of Dharmasthala.


After graduation from medical college in March 1999, Mitesh, started his own practice by re-opening his late father’s 10-bed hospital and ran it for 3 years aided by other Naturopathic doctors. During those 3 years, the now Dr. Mitesh Bathia attracted international patients from as far away as the US, UK, Singapore, Indonesia. They made the long journey specifically to be treated by Dr.Mitesh whose reputation as an outstanding practitioner of Naturopathic medicine was emerging.


In these first years of practice, Dr. Mitesh treated many serious conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, uterine fibroids, and diseases associated with the liver, kidney and spleen etc. His hospital also offered a program called Promotion of Positive Health PPH for healthy individuals who were interested in maintaining optimal health to prevent disease.


In 2003, Mitesh moved into the Spa industry in Virgin Gorda of British Virgin Islands and went on to expand his Spa venues to St. Maarten and  Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Dr. Mitesh’s passion has always been helping individuals nurture and regain health. Due to licensing issues for physicians practicing outside India, the maximum he is presently able to do at present is ensure that in the spas he operates there is compulsory wellness components in the spa services. Therefore, Yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki, Chiropractic are included as spa offerings.


Dr.Mitesh is married with a son and a daughter and greatly supported by his wife, a doctor in the system of homoeopathy (licensed in India). Dr. Mitesh is now wishes to offer his well of knowledge in Yoga and Naturopathy to interested individuals and groups. Please read more about his offerings in his retreats.

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