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  • Our retreats are available in Virgin Gorda - BVI, Kailua Kona - Hawaii and all over India throughout the year. To avail our sessions anywhere else in the world, please reach out to us by filling the "Contact Us" form

  • All the treatments are done by exceptionally experienced, licensed(India) and qualified doctors.

  • One doctor works only with a team of two individuals.​

Dr. Mitesh Banthia, heading up the retreats at Holistic Healing Vacations
Meet Dr. Mitesh


I offer teachings and practices for everyone, especially: a) those suffering from hard-to-cure illness, b) anyone interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet (and learning the Yogic and Naturopathic tools to support this decision) c) Yoga Teachers (neophytes and adepts) who want to deepen their knowledge of the natural health sciences...​

Reserve your healing yoga retreat today at Holistic Healing Vacations
Reserve your healing naturopathic retreat today at Holistic Healing Vacations
Treat yourself to our spas in Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands


We offer massage, yoga, facials, waxing treatments, and more. Come visit us and see all that we have to offer!

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